PhiaCup duurzame menstruatie

PhiaCup: the end to single use for menstruation

This is Sophia Peterson. The founder of a sustainable feminine care company named ‘’Phia’’ that is committed to making innovative eco-friendly products.  Last year, she launched Phia Cup – a modern version of a menstrual cup. With its triangular shape, flat base, and handle, Phia Cup's features make it easy for tampon users to make the switch to this eco-friendly alternative. Let’s hear more about it!

What made you start a feminine care company?

I am passionate about sustainability and product design. I’ve started a feminine care company because it is my mission is to create innovative products that make a difference in people's lives. With Phia, my goal is to create all types of innovative eco-friendly feminine care products starting with Phia Cup. The products I work on are sustainable and things that people actually need, so my job is very fulfilling to me.

We’re curious to know, how did you come up with the Phia Cup?

In college I had dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. I started getting interested in eco-friendly products when I was studying abroad in Budapest and my friend introduced me to menstrual cups. I found them really intriguing but difficult to use, so I sketched some ideas I had to improve the design. From there, I made prototypes and went through multiple iterations with 100+ testers before landing on the final design.

Perhaps the most important point - how does your product contribute to a better world?

Many single-use products, such as tampons, pads, and liners, not only come in an excessive amount of packaging, but immediately turn into trash once consumed. The average woman uses over 12,000 disposable period products over her lifetime, leaving behind waste far beyond her lifespan. With Phia Cup, this is not the case. At Phia, we’ve created a sustainable and safe alternative, with an application that mimics what people are already used to. Phia Cup is reusable for up to 10 years and packed in recyclable paper packaging. Even the thank you card is made of lavender seed paper that you can plant.

That is awesome. When looking at your industry, what current trends and developments should receive more attention in your opinion?

What’s really cool to see is that consumers are increasingly demanding sustainable products. In the personal care industry, the number of eco-friendly products that people can switch to is growing. It’s a way for individuals to decrease their eco-footprint. However, big changes need to be made with corporations as well. Companies that don't sell eco products could take the first step by making their packaging or manufacturing practices more sustainable.


We totally agree!

Has this interview inspired you to switch to sustainable period products?

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